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Whether you duplicate 3-1/2" floppy disks in house or use outside vendors for your diskette duplication needs, it's vital to make sure that exacting standards are followed to safeguard your company's investment and its image. Major Media provides the highest quality computer diskette duplication at prices you can't afford to ignore.  We suggest you print and follow this checklist to ensure the performance of the files and programs you need to duplicate.
Don't Use Master Diskettes as Duplicating Masters   
Sound like strange advice? The fact is that it's dangerous to use original master diskettes as duplicating masters. In addition to the risk of a machine malfunction or power failure corrupting your only copy, exact duplicates of originals may not be readable across the spectrum of end-user PC's.  
We perform multiple virus checks, and use special equipment to prepare a high-tolerance duplication master, which is verified bit by bit. Then we secure your original in our vault.     
Be Sure of Media Quality   

While all 3-1/2" computer disk may look alike, there are wide variations in quality and consistency, which can affect the performance of the final product. "Bargain" diskettes may cost less, but a penny or two per disc isn't worth risking lost data, programs that won't boot or cause end-users' computers to crash.  

We use only 100% certified premium media, and then batch sample each lot of blank diskettes before use, to safeguard your data.  

Constantly Monitor Diskettes and Equipment  

It takes an expert to maintain a high level of quality control throughout the duplication process. Major Media performs daily equipment checks, and continual preventive maintenance to ensure perfect copies. Your floppy disks are continually monitored and sampled during production, for total quality assurance.  

Check Diskettes on a Range of Consumer Equipment   

If a disk drive on duplication equipment is even slightly out of alignment, end users may be unable to read your diskettes on their PC's. As a final quality check, we sample production diskettes on several different consumer PC's.  

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