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Meet Some of Our Clients
Allstate Insurance Company 
Amoco Corporation 
Bank Administration Institute 
Barnett Banks
Baxter Corporation 
Discover Card Services Inc. 
Encyclopaedia Britannica 
First Chicago Corporation (First Card) 
G.D. Searle 
Gingiss International 
Harrah's Casinos 
Holy Cross Hospital 
Illinois State Library 
Kemper Insurance 
Montgomery Ward
Motorola Corporate
        Motorola Automotive, Energy & Components Sector
Motorola Cellular Networks and Space Sector
        Motorola Cellular Subscriber Sector
        Motorola Land Mobile Products Sector 
Motorola Computer Group
        Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector
        Motorola University
National Association of Retail Dealers
Service Marine Industries 
Tripp Lite 
 Winchester House Nursing Home
... and many more