Call Center Training 
    Major Media's Human Equation on Call©sm  Call Center skills training enables CSR's, TSR's, tech support, collectors, team leaders, supervisors and trainers to maximize customer value and call center performance at every stage of the customer relationship. 

    Tailored specifically for call centers, Human Equation On Call©sm  training is based on Major Media's state-of-the-art research into the most effective customer-contact behaviors --  both in call centers and out.  That means your CSR's TSR's and collectors learn to apply the exact skills that work best with customers -- not just what other call centers are doing, but how your (and their) people can exceed the benchmark! 

    Human Equation On Call©sm workshops, videotapes and multimedia courseware have consistently delivered both measurable performance improvement and validated business results at major call centers throughout the U.S. 

    Each Human Equation on Call©sm program includes in-depth behavior modeling, highly interactive discussion, and challenging skill practice.  Our proprietary call analysis methods let each of your people objectively measure his or her skills against Major Media's research-validated success profiles.  This technique, which provides exceptionally specific and actionable feedback,  is also used to provide highly objective performance coaching on the job.  

    Integrated skills sets, with a consistent vocabulary and philosophy, maximize the effectiveness of cross-training for today's flexible call-center.  Fully customizable workshops consist of four-to-six four-hour modules for convenient delivery. 
      Human Equation On Call©sm Programs Include:
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    The vast majority of customers say they are satisfied, but that doesn't translate to loyalty, and it doesn't mean they're not vulnerable to competing companies, products or services. Customer loyalty depends on a number of variables, many of which are significantly influenced by call center staff.  Going The Distance modules build the specific consultative process and high-level communication skills CSR's, TSR's, tech support  and supervisors need to increase customer loyalty (and profitability!) with every contact. 
    Customers Saved, Customers Kept©sm  

    Most customers are satisfied until one of your (or your client's) competitors makes a more appealing offer. Improving customer retention depends on identifying and saving these customers before their business is permanently lost.  Customers Saved, Customers Kept enables call center reps and managers to apply a powerful consultative process combined with the specific, high-level service, sales and negotiating skills that have proven to be successful in re-selling and retaining significantly more of these critical customers.  

    Promises Made, Promises Kept Collection Skills©sm  

    When customers don't pay, their broken promises sour relationships, burn out motivation and threaten  profits. Promises Made, Promises Kept provides intensive, performance-based training in the specific consulting and negotiating skills which have proven to significantly improve the ability of experienced collections reps to improve their bottom-line results at every stage of the collection process. 

    Coaching to Maximize the Human Equation©sm  

    Management coaching can make a significant difference in the job performance of call center reps. Coaching to Maximize the Human Equation is specifically designed to enable team leaders, supervisors and managers to coach these key employees for continual  performance improvement.  Unlike other courses, which focus only on the coaching process, this program enables coaches to apply powerful behavioral analysis techniques, to objectively measure and profile individual use of job-specific communication skills over time, and to use a proven consultative process, and high-level communication and negotiation skills, to ensure measurable improvement.  


    Major Media's "Facilitate!"©sm  workshop is designed for trainers, managers, team leaders, subject-matter experts, and team members who need to facilitate training sessions, meetings or focus groups. This competency-based program consists of ten, highly interactive 4-hour modules, which can be presented over a period of one to four weeks.  70% of participants' time devoted to skill practice, three of which are videotaped.  Participants demonstrate competency in: applying the principles of adult learning; managing group dynamics; using basic and advanced questioning techniques; providing verbal and nonverbal reinforcement; giving directions, giving effective feedback; and providing continuity and structure; and using visual aids. 

    For more information on any of Major Media's Human Equation on Call©sm programs, click on the links below or contact your sales executive at Major Media Learning Resources.  
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End of call center training page.Major Media's Human Equation on Call©sm  Call Center skills training enables CSR's, TSR's, tech support, collectors, team leaders, supervisors and trainers to maximize customer value and call center performance at every stage of the customer relationship.