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CBT, MBT, WBT, EPSS, IDL ... In an alphabet soup of alternative delivery methods, the technological "cart" of interactive multimedia is all too often expected to pull the learning "horse."  In the process, it's easy to lose track of the fact that the most important part of interactive multimedia courseware isn't the technology or even the content.  It's the individual learner.  That's who your organization is counting on to achieve its business goals. 

Building the Learning Around the Learner 

At Major Media Learning Resources, our guiding philosophy and operating strategy are focused on building the learning around the learner. That's true for every training project -- whether whether it's delivered through CD-ROM, intranet,  extranet, the worldwide web, traditional classroom instruction or a hybrid delivery method.

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    Whatever the delivery technology, our goal in developing interactive multimedia courseware remains the same: to create a richly compelling learning context in which learners are challenged and motivated not just to learn new information ... but to modify the old attitudes, build the new skills and apply the critical thinking needed to master it. 

    Scores of real-world studies (and meta studies) have demonstrated that  technology-based training  provides an unbeatable return on investment for a wide range of training applications.   In many cases, interactive multimedia is the best answer to the corporate call for faster, cheaper and better training ... offering such benefits as: 

    Improved Performance

    • 100% consistent training available on demand to as few or as many learners as needed.
    • Learning gains up to 56% greater than classroom instruction
    • Content retention 25-50% higher

    Time and Cost Savings

    • 100-150% return on investment within one to two years.
    •  40-60% reduction in training time
    • 40-60% reduction in wage, benefit and opportunity costs for time spent in training.
    • Reduction or elimination of trainer and trainee travel expenses.
    Maximizing Your ROI on Technology-Based Training 

    Major Media's Learner-Centered approach is designed to maximize your organization's ROI on multimedia-based  training, by ensuring that your learners have what it takes to achieve your business goals.  That's our commitment, because that's where the real payoff on training is ultimately measured ... in your organization's bottom-line business results. 

    Services Tailored to Your Learners and Your Organization's Needs 
    Custom Design and Development Services 
    Major Media's custom development services are designed to meet your CBT/WBT needs, from preliminary analysis, to instructional design, prototyping, authoring, programming and creative, through testing, implementation and evaluation.  
    Consulting and Production Services 
    If you're building your internal capabilities in the multimedia training arena, Major Media Learning Resources provides a full range of consulting and production support services to help your organization realize the greatest return on your investment.  
    Human Equation©sm Multimedia Courseware  
    Check our "What's New" page  for the latest news on Major Media's upcoming interactive multimedia courseware offerings.  
    Software Support Services 
    If you're considering developing computer or web-based multimedia courseware in-house, Major Media Learning Resources can help you get up to speed fast, while avoiding the pitfalls most newcomers encounter along the way.  

    Our partnership with Allen Communication enables us to bring you the only integrated courseware development suite designed by instructional designers for instructional designers, course developers and subject matter experts.


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