Major Media’s Promises Made, Promises Kept©sm Collection Skills training and coaching program has significantly improved the bottom-line results of experienced collections representatives at major credit card issuers, call centers and financial institutions across the United States. 

    Advanced Collection Skills for Experienced Collectors

    Promises Made, Promises Kept©sm provides performance-based training and supervisory performance coaching in the specific consulting and negotiating skills, which distinguish the most successful collectors from their peers at every level of collections, from 30 days past due through recovery and legal accounts.

    Based on Major Media's extensive field research, PMPK©sm has consistently produced substantial long-term increases in the amount and percentage of dollars-in-queue collected.   Click here for additional data on PMPK's documented training results

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    The Promises Made, Promises Kept©sm  Collectors Workshop is intended for experienced collectors at all stages of the collection cycle.  Performance improvements by collection reps working back-end accounts have consistently proven to be at least equal to those made by front-end collectors. The PMPK Coaching Workshop is targeted at the supervisors, team leaders and managers of Collectors Workshop participants


    By the end of the PMPK program, participants will demonstrate measurably increased ability to use appropriate communication, negotiation and consulting skills to: 

  • Secure valid payment commitments from customers who display overt or covert defensive behavior. 
  • Increase the percentage of agreements honored by delinquent customers. 
  • Increase their proportion of dollars received vs. dollars in queue. 
  • Obtain relevant information from customers. 
  • Develop and maintain a positive communication environment throughout all their discussions with customers. 
  • Maintain control of conversations with without alienating customers. 
  • Negotiate payment arrangements that customers can and will keep. 
  • Cope with job-related stress.

inner ring: Collector & Coaching Workshop module 
middle ring: Collector Workshop modules 
outer ring: Coaching Workshop modules 

Collectors and Coaching Workshops each consist of four modules, each approximately 4 hours in length. These modules may be presented as sequential half-day sessions. The Promises Made, Promises Kept Workshops integrate behavior modeling with statistical behavioral analysis.  This combination of techniques enables participants to precisely: 

  • Measure their moment-to-moment call behavior against the research-based performance model. 
  • Identify and enact the specific steps they need to take to improve their collection results.
  • Develop the appropriate skills in the context of a collection-specific, four-stage consulting model.
    A variety of instructional strategies are employed to ensure significant performance improvement. These include facilitated discussion, small group exercises, instructor presentation and award winning video with behavioral models, drawn from the experiences of real collectors. 
    Every PMPK participant takes part in four custom-designed, one-to-one, audiotaped role-plays with extensive individual feedback. Each of these role-plays provides detailed customer and collector briefs for two distinct scenarios.  Each participant functions as the collector in one scenario and the customer in the other. The scenarios, which are different for every role-play, are based on real collection calls, and may be customized to your organization. Each scenario provides several levels of detail and complexity, to allow each individual to work the role-play accounts at the stage of delinquency they handle on the job. 

    Coaching Workshop Option

    Just as the participants' jobs have changed, so have the roles of their supervisors who have, in fact, become a new type of sales manager. The long-term, bottom-line results of PMPK collectors’ training are substantially increased when the skills they learned in the classroom are reinforced and coached on the job by their direct superiors. 

    We strongly suggest these two days of training for the participants' supervisors and managers. The Coaching Workshop will train these personnel to objectively measure and analyze their subordinates' skills; provide them with useful feedback; and coach them for ongoing skill improvement over the long term. This performance coaching is a critical mechanism for continual improvement in collection results. For more information on this aspect of the PMPK Coaching Workshop, see our Results page.

    The Coaching Workshop provides supervisors with tools for maintaining and improving skills that affect job performance. It is not a substitute for, but a complement to regular performance evaluations. 

    For additional information on Promises Made, Promises Kept©sm contact Joan Krawitz, Director of Learning Resources.