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Leveraging the Human Equation 
    Major Media's custom training and consulting services help you and your employees develop customer-focused strategies, tactics and skills to measurably improve customer and employee loyalty, and organizational performance.   Our services are specifically designed to improve performance and profitability in mission-critical areas, including customer service, service quality, customer satisfaction and loyalty, collections, sales and marketing.  
    Our mission is to enable our clients to achieve the highest return on their investment in employees and customers.  

    Consulting Services  

    Our consulting services are tailored to our clients' organizations. They include:  

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Organizational Performance Analysis   

An organization's processes, culture and policies directly impact customer and employee loyalty.   Determining the cost/benefit relationship, between the way the organization functions and its ability to sell, serve and retain customers, is a key element of our approach to organizational analysis.   

We work closely with your people at every step of the process.  This close working relationship ensures the reliability of all findings, while helping your employees develop tools and skills to conduct similar analyses in-house.  

Service Quality Performance Analysis  

In conducting a performance audit of service quality, Major Media Learning Resources works with your staff to uncover the underlying causes of gaps between the desired performance of customer contact personnel and their actual level of performance. The key outputs of this form of analysis include specific recommendations for improvement.  These detailed recommendations may involve, but are not limited to:  

  • Employee attitudes, knowledge and skills 
  • Management policies
  • Process Design 
  • Reward and recognition system 
  • Employee training 
  • Supervisory knowledge and skill 
  • Management/supervisory training 
  • Internal communication
  • Performance Support Systems
  • Information Systems
 Custom Training Services for Measurable Business Results  

Major Media's custom training services are geared to fit your organization's needs.  Our services include recommending, designing and implementing -- or helping your staff implement -- training programs that measurably increase employees' ability to improve customer satisfaction, cross-sell products, and improve customer retention.  Specific services include:  

Training Needs Analysis  
  • Benchmarking
  • Performance Analysis
  • Behavioral Analysis
  • Instructional Technology Analysis
Instructional Design and Development  
  • Curriculum and Course Design
  • Course Development
  • Interactive Multimedia (CBT/WBT) Authoring, Production and Evaluation
  • Video, graphic and print production
  • Development of Performance Support Systems
  • Evaluation methodology
Management Development 
Leadership is key to implementing systems that support customer and employee loyalty.  Major Media's services include recommending, designing  and implementing -- or helping your organization implement -- management development and coaching processes that ensure lasting business results.  


Major Media works with your people to conduct ongoing evaluation of training results to ensure continual or individual and organizational performance improvement.  

The Support You Need ... When You Need It 

Because we provide a full array of strategies to help you achieve your objectives over the long haul, we're always available to provide whatever support you need, when you need it ... from designing a new training module, to adapting traditional training programs for delivery on CD-ROM, intranet, extranet or the worldwide web, to training your in-house staff to develop interactive multimedia themselves.  We're committed to helping you achieve your goals today and tomorrow. 
In Depth Services for Deep-Seated Improvement 

Major Media's services are geared to your organization's specific challenges and opportunities.  Our goal is to provide the services you need to achieve the performance and business-level results you want.  For more information on our methods and results, contact Joan Krawitz, Director of  Learning Resources at Major Media Learning Resources. 

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