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    Major Media Learning Resources has provided the business and educational communities with training, organizational development and consulting services since 1976. Our expertise  includes performance consulting, instructional design, program development and media production. Our training services encompass: workshops and seminars; multimedia; computer-based training; video, web, audio, film  and print.

    Major Media's experience spans organizations in a wide range of industries, including financial services, retail, communications, health care, call center services,  and manufacturing.  Our services are specifically designed to improve performance and profitability in mission-critical areas, including:  

    CUSTOMER-SERVICE AND SERVICE QUALITY: Major Media has performed research, consulting, evaluation services, including program development (workshops, computer software, video modules) and performance system improvement for Citibank, Motorola, Sears, Gingiss, Scott Foresman and many others.  Ourconsulting and training development work in service quality won Major Media the Motorola University Quality of Service Award. 

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CUSTOMER RETENTION, SATISFACTION AND LOYALTY: Major Media is a leader in this increasingly important area. We have provided research, analysis, consulting, custom program development and training services to such companies as Citibank, GE Card Services, Motorola, Midland-Marine Bank, and USAA Insurance. Our Customers Saved, Customers Keptsm Program for sales and service employees and managers provides a series of three-to-four-hour training sessions for customer contact personnel and a two-day performance coaching workshop for their managers.  

SALES, TELEMARKETING AND SALES MANAGEMENT:  Major Media has developed marketing programs, training workshops, videotapes, audio-visual programs for a wide range of companies, including Citibank, Wards, Gingiss, Motorola, Sears, National Association of Retail Dealers.  

MANAGEMENT AND TEAM DEVELOPMENT:   Facilitation Skills - Productive Team Meetings - Effective Presentations - Coaching and Counseling Skills - Interpersonal Communication Skills - Cross-Cultural Communications:  Management and team development are essential to improving service quality. Major Media delivers workshops, seminars and consulting services concentrating on building the specific behaviors, communication styles and skills for developing effective teams and managing the human side of quality in a changing environment.  

COLLECTION SKILLS - Promises Made, Promises Keptsm Program: This program extends Major Media's work in the field of behavioral analysis to the collection arena. The program includes a 2-day workshop for collectors, a coaching workshop for managers, on-the-job reinforcement and Training of Trainers. PMPK received the Sony/Training Magazine Bottom Line Award winner for exceptional business results.  

Major Media's services include: 

Performance-Based Training  
Behavioral Analysis  
Criterion Referenced Instruction  
Organizational Performance Analysis  
Computer-Aided Instruction/Computer-based Training  
Interactive Multimedia (CBT/WBT) Courseware 
Video Production  

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