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    If you're having trouble finding the time to keep up with your professional reading,  our free, monthly e-mail bulletin, Major Media's "Human Equation©sm Online Newsbriefs ©sm" makes it easier to stay up to date.  Click here to read the first edition online.

    Our staff takes the time to comb the web for the latest articles and resources on  cutting-edge TD/OD topics ... so you don't have to.  Our independently-written capsule summaries and recommendations give you just the right amount of information to decide which articles you need to read now, and which ones might be helpful later.  

    To make it even easier, every summary is linked to the full text of the article, whether it's posted at a major training site like the ASTD Journal or Training Magazine, a small, specialty publication, a university site, or another online resource.  So you can go straight to the article whenever you want. 

    It's free, it's fast, it's informative, and best of all, it's easy.  Just click here to subscribe to the Human Equation Online Newsbriefs©sm now. 

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Call Center Training 

A company's call center is its most important link to its customers.  That's why all of Major Media's Human Equation©sm   Training Programs are available in specially-tailored,  call-centers versions that we call "Human Equation on Call©sm."  

What's the advantage?  "Human Equation on Call©sm"  training programs are based on Major Media's state-of-the-art research into the most effective customer-contact behaviors --  both in call centers and out.  That means your CSR's TSR's and collectors learn to apply the exact skills that work best with customers -- not just what other call centers are doing, but how your (and their) people can exceed the benchmark! 

Human Equation on Call©sm training has been validated through implementation at major call centers across the U.S. to ensure measurable improvements in call center results 

Click here to learn more about the Human Equation on Call.©sm 
Human Equation©sm Multimedia Training  
Coming Soon!  

We know how important it is to be able to deliver the training your people need when they need it.  But when "people skills" are involved, it's not always easy to transfer skills from Computer Based Training to the real world.  

At Major Media Learning Resources, our instructional designers aren't easy to satisfy.  They knew that simply "repurposing" the materials from our classroom-based Human Equation©sm workshops would be unlikely to achieve the same high skill levels our training is known for.  

Instead, we're totally re-designing these programs from the ground up to combine the best of multimedia-based training technology with the intensive skill practice, skill evaluation and profiling methods you expect from Major Media.  The result is a flexible approach to MBT that lets new-hires hit the ground running, and enables your experienced customer-contact people to improve their skills -- and their results.  

The first programs in the Human Equation©sm MBT series will be released in the first half of 1999.  For information on Major Media Learning Resources' custom MBT design and development, please click here.