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Internet and Intranet

Major Media provides media development, production and duplication services that fit your company's needs. 

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Audio cassettes 

Internet and Intranet  

A public Internet site on the worldwide web expands your business reach, bringing customers and stockholders a consistent message, instantaneous service and the specific, up-to-date information they want, exactly when they want it. 

A private Intranet is a secure, online network restricted to a single organization, but using the same website protocols and standards as the Internet. Corporate intranets speed internal information, email, and just-in-time training to link staff members throughout the organization and around the world. 

Major Media provides complete website services, including design, development, set-up and maintenance services for both Intranet and Internet applications. Through our association with Virtualis Systems, we can also provide you with a broad range of virtual server options for your web site. The high-speed Virtualis system features redundant, T-3 servers, with full T-1 backup, round the clock support service seven days a week, guaranteed response in less than 60 minutes, and minimum 99% uptime. 

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CD-ROM discs are the medium of interactive multimedia and more. A single CD-ROM disk has the capacity of more than 500 1.4 megabyte diskettes, enabling you to distribute complex programs combining large amounts of data, graphics, sound and video clips easily and inexpensively. 

Major Media supplies complete CD-ROM development, production, duplication and packaging services. CD-ROMs are usually produced in large quantitities. However, advances in CD-recordable technology (also called CD-R and CD-gold) makes the replication of small quantities of CD-ROM capacity disks newly affordable. 

The large capacity of both CD-ROM and CD-R discs allows you to put everything from complex multi-platform software programs, to your entire product catalog, interactive training programs, and multi-volume directories into a lightweight, attractive and readily accessible form. And your CD-ROM programs can easily be enriched with the addition of internet (HTML) links. 

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Computer diskettes continue to be the most cost-efficient format for distributing a wide range of software and information. Major Media provides high-speed diskette duplication and packaging services for all software platforms. 

The familiar 3-1/2" diskette is available in an array of hues, to match or coordinate with your corporate or product logo, and to distinguish revisions from earlier editions. With the addition of a coordinating two or four color label, your diskettes will stand out from the crowd, reinforcing your corporate identity and enhancing your company's image. For added effectiveness, your diskettes can even include links to your website for online orders, information and feedback. 

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Digital Videodiscs (also called Digital Versatile Discs) are potentially the format of the future. Digital technology is poised to revolutionize all forms of electronic communication. Within the next several years, many industry observers forecast that digital video disks will supplant CD, CD-ROM and videotape formats in homes and offices alike. 

The uses for DVD are now limited due to the small base of current users and the present lack of compatibility between newly-adopted digital TV standards and the computer software industry. However, it's not too early for manufacturers of big-ticket, high-end products to begin considering DVD as an impressive format for distributing marketing and promotional information to prospective customers. 

Major Media is ready to support your DVD needs. Please contact Major Media for more information. 

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Videotape will remain the visual format of choice for the remainder of this century and into the next. Major Media's video expertise encompasses every aspect of video production, from creative treatment, instructional design and scriptwriting, to production and editing, to duplication and packaging of video cassettes. 

In addition to VHS cassettes, corporate websites and CD-ROM discs will increasingly feature a variety of custom videos, as internet speed and video resolution continue to improve. As the installed base of DVD users increases, you can get even more mileage from your tapes by simply remastering them in the newer format. 

For production purposes, high-end professional Beta SP video cameras and tape will remain the standard for broadcast and corporate production, with digital video coming up fast. 

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 Audio cassettes will continue to be a useful communication tool for the remainder of this decade, and perhaps beyond. Audiotapes can go from recording to the field with fast turnaround and low cost. The universal availability of cassette players make this the most efficient format when you need to make sure a verbal message is rapidly communicated to individuals in diverse locations. 

Major Media produces and duplicates audiotape and DAT cassettes for a wide range of clients, including corporations, non-profits, advertising agencies and training firms. 

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